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  1. Nothing but the BEST !! all fish I ordered came in excellent condition and full colors. The team at Pisces farm kept me informed all the way till my fish arrived to my door (I live in the USA). Highly recommend for anyone interested in pure African Cichlid lines.

  2. JJust got my fish all is good—I ordered 50 tropheus Ikola and all arrived healthy and in good shape, Customer service is great and answered all questions and very helpful advice. Their selection of African Childs is amazing. And I highly recommend then and I am so happy ordering more fish this week


  3. Pisces il has the best strains of fish i have ever seen. Im so glad i found them. I live in the USA but the shipping time was very fast. I recieved my fish 4 days after putting in the order. Customer service was great. Constant conmunication and very friendly. They keep you updated constantly. It was a very good experience. Its neat how the world is becoming so integrated. All fish arrived healthy and size was exactly as described.

  4. Nice F1s. Smooth, Speed and Safe delivery to Chicago area. 優質魚種, 優質服務~

  5. Hands down some of the best looking fish I have in my collection. I ordered Haps and Peacocks and all came in healthy and looking great. I live in CA and was sceptical about importing fish from so far away but after this, I will definitely be ordering again. 100% recommend you give Pisces IL a try!
    YouTube: 24-7 Cichlids

  6. Ordered Xenos, Cyps and Paracyps and am really happy with the quality and size of all of them. Within 2 weeks I had a Cyp and a Xeno holding eggs – that tells you that their fish are well cared for! I live in WA, US and there were some shipping delays due to the time of year I placed my order (late summer), which worried did me a bit as a first time customer, but Johnathan kept me up to date throughout the process and assured me everything would be ok. In the end I was completely happy with the quality of fish, support from Johnathan and Yuval, and the process overall. I will definitely order from Pisces again and honestly recommend them over many of the US sources i have used.

  7. Great experience! Made a large purchase. I was kept well informed throughout the entire process and updated constantly. The selection/variety is great and definitely made easier by a well designed website. I live in NJ and and the fish were delivered to me safe and healthy. And they came all the way from Israel. Jonathan and Yuval are great to deal with and would definitely recommend them.

  8. Terrific to work with, fish were beautiful and healthy.
    Wish I knew about them earlier and could have saved myself a lot of headaches.
    Thank you Johnathan for your assistance and walking me through the entire process.
    Looking forward to working with you in the future

  9. Just a shipment of African cichlids five box’s over 120 fish and all arrived alive and healthy. They take great care in packing and marking all boxes and bags which make it easier. I asked questions about what types of fish to put together and there advice is spot on being in the hobby for over 40 years. Highly recommend Pices farm for your next purchase of fish.

    Sam Norman Columbus Ohio USA

  10. I’m from Florida, USA I was a little hesitant to purchase from so far away but I watched several YouTube videos showcasing their facility and their beautiful fish so I ordered 27 Tropheus thru their website. From the beginning to the end I had constant communication with Johnathan thru email and he was able to help determine the number of fish that would be appropriate for my particular aquarium setup. All of the fish arrived in great condition with directions on how to properly acclimate. Johnathan also sent me a follow-up email to check and make sure everything was going well. Thank You Pisces Team !!!

  11. As always, beautiful fish
    Johnathan was very cooperative and knowledgeable
    If you’re looking for African Cichlids their quality is second none
    Thank you once again
    Jim S

  12. Just got 340 fish today 7/15/2021 and all are well and living –This is the best place to buy fish and I highly recommend them if true hobbyist

  13. I received my first order from Yuval just a couple days ago, and I cannot be happier! Ordering fish online with a claim that they’ll be delivered to my door in the USA all the way from Israel was a bit disconcerting and I was very skeptical at first, but let me tell you….these guys have their logistics down perfectly! All 26 fish arrived in perfect condition, and they acclimated easily and quickly. A few hours later they were eating live baby brine shrimp and Extreme Nano pellets with gusto. These fish are absolutely top quality, which the Israelis are known for, and I’m already planning my second order. Thanks to Yuval and his team for a great, hassle-free experience!! –Brian Scott (New Jersey, USA)

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