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Fish acclimatization procedure

The fish arrives in bags that contain water and oxygen. The bags are packed in an isolated styrofoam box and carton. In some cases, a tranquilizer is added to the bags which minimize fish activity and therefore reduces oxygen consumption. Occasionally part of the fish will seem to be motionless – there’s no need to jump to conclusions, just follow the acclimatization process as described below. Prepare a big bucket/can for acclimatization, Ammonia remover along with an air stone and tube connected to a pipe, before fish arrival.

Tube and pipe

  When unpacking the fish and acclimatizing it, you should darken the room (use only weak light for orientation). 1) Open the box gently. Remove the bags mindfully and insert it into the tank for approximately 15 minutes.

This act is mainly intended to awaken the fish.

2) Open the bags carefully and put the fish in the bucket/can with the water. After unpacking the fish, use a tube connected to a pipe for dripping fresh water from the tank to the bucket/can containing the fish. Add the air stone to the bucket. As soon as you unpack the fish use a quality Ammonia remover to eliminates dissolved toxins and Ammonia. Do not forget to cover the bucket to prevent fish leap.   3) When the bucket is filled, catch the fish gently with a net, and insert it to the tank. Use the Ammonia remover and put it after acclimatization in the tank (if there’s water lacking in the tank, fill it). 4) After you finish acclimating the fish in the tanks, leave a weak light. Approximately 12 hours later, open the light gradually. Try to feed the fish moderately 3-4 hours later on the day. Subsequent days after acclimatization, turn on /off the light gradually to avoid fish stress 5) You must consider that introducing new fish to the tank can cause an imbalance the aquarium parameters, so you may need to perform a 25% water changes after 3-4 days. Enjoy the hobby!

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