Direct shipping to USA

Shipping terms and conditions-

PISCES farm offers a direct shipping service to the USA – Door to door shipping! – All around the US, reduced shipping price of 90$ for the first box, 50$ shipping cost for second box and beyond. Door to door Shipments will be carried out on Tuesdays (departure from PISCES farm facility) and will arrive at the client’s house on Wednesdays by courier. The shipment can be tracked by a tracking number provided by our custom agent. The fish will be shipped from our facility to the buyer within 21 days after order has been placed and payment received from the buyer.
Minimum order is 250$ (not including shipping cost).

Warranty & DOA –

PISCES farm is responsible for alive & healthy fish arrival.  Fish that will die during shipment, will be fully refunded or credited for next buyer’s order, after DOA proof will be provided to us by the buyer. DOA notification must be made via email for fish mortality in the unopened original shipment bags only, at the day shipment was received.  A digital image must be provided as a proof by the buyer and should be sent to us via the following email address- Buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Seller supplies all shipment packing materials (Carton & Styrofoam boxes, O2, and heat packs if necessary). We recommend to use our acclimatization procedure to acclimate the fish, as mentioned in the following link: FISH ACCLIMATIZATION PROCEDURE PISCES farm details –
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