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Xenotilapia spilopterus Mabilbili F1

(חוות דעת לקוח 1)


Size: 7-11 cm long

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מידע נוסף

משקל 1 kg

7-10 cm

1 ביקורת עבור Xenotilapia spilopterus Mabilbili F1

  1. David

    Ordered 7-11 cm size and they are are good sized young breeders. Finding these F1 fish on the Pisces site is why I placed my first time order with them (I had been looking for F1 mabilbilis for several years). Fish arrived in excellent condition and I am very happy I ordered these through Pisces. All fish had excellent color and finnage and are true showpieces in my fish room. Within 2 weeks of arrival a pair formed and the female is now holding eggs!

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